Andy LaCasse - singer/songwriter

Andy LaCasse is an independent recording artist,  singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from St. Paul, MN, creating music that combines Americana, jazz, Brit-pop and a lifetime of performing music of nearly every genre on stages of every size. His new album, “Your Little Gift” will be released on April 30, 2024.

Andy started taking songs apart by ear when he was a 10 year old piano student and noticed the sheet music didn't match what he was hearing on the radio. In high school, he led a school supported jazz group playing his original tunes and standards in arrangements he had written himself.  He studied piano and music composition at UW-River Falls before hitting the streets of Minneapolis- St. Paul as a freelance musician and composer.

Andy has written and recorded songs for rock bands, jazz groups, children's performers, corporate events, and even for an animatronic pirate skeleton band.  His guitar playing features prominently in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 ("The Dead Talk Back").  His bass and guitar work appear on recent releases by The New Occupants, Mr Mooq, Vicki Logan and Bob Zander. Andy has appeared on-stage as a musician for stage productions at the Ordway Music Theater  in St. Paul and at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. He can be seen performing around the Twin Cities with Storytellers, Pair of 7 and the Riverside All-Stars.

In 2021, Andy released the all-instrumental album by the fictional band Optimist Beach.  All the tunes were written, programmed, performed, mixed and mastered by Andy. "Optimist Beach" is available on all on-line distribution services, including Spotify and AppleMusic. Sheet music is available via email upon request.

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