&D = And + D. Andy. Got it?

Welcome!  Thanks for finding me here.

Here's my official bio--

Andy LaCasse is an in-demand freelance guitarist, bassist and vocalist. He can be heard on current releases by rising pop act Mr. Mooq, rockers New Occupants and the world-music of Bob Zander. Recent live performance credits include work with Bruce Henry, Riverside All-Stars and Best of 7. Andy is active as a songwriter, composer, arranger and transcriber, and his charts are a mainstay for dance bands, tribute acts and studio sessions. He released an album of his instrumental music, “Optimist Beach”, in 2021. Andy’s latest songwriting collection, “Your Little Gift”, will soon be available for sale and on streaming services everywhere.


... AND my less-official bio....

I write music in a whirl of real and surreal events, combining elements of Americana, jazz and Brit-pop, and a lifetime of sideman gigs in dance bands, comedy acts, recording sessions, cabarets, awards ceremonies and concerts in the park.  I write a song (or two) every day when I can and I wish I had on the days when I can’t.

My enthusiasm for music couldn’t be contained by one sound, so I kept picking up every instrument I could find in my small Minnesota hometown. I've been singing my whole life and it’s been said that I could harmonize with dirt.  (I took it as a compliment.)

Check out my recordings on the music page. Look for something to like in my music and you are sure to find it.

Did I mention I also do sessions?

Yes!  It's true-- I can be hired as a player, co-writer or producer for your next song, EP or album.
I can help flesh out your tracks with vocals, bass (fretted or fretless), guitar (acoustic, classical or electric), keys, ukulele or harmonica.
I can appear in person or use the internet, adding my tracks to your songs in my Logic-based studio.

I'm able to create arrangements or charts for your sessions to help things go quickly for your musicians in the studio.
I can even turn your recorded music into sheet music for you to sell to your fans.

Send me a message through the contact page and we can discuss your musical needs.


"Your Little Gift" Coming Soon! 

The new full-length album from Andy LaCasse, "Your Little Gift" is in the mixing stage, slated for independent release in early 2024.

"It's an album and a rescue mission", says LaCasse. "I am releasing music that might otherwise not have seen the light of day.  Some are songs I wrote for my old band, or for friends, or as messages to my kids. Some music is too good to keep to yourself. Special thanks are due to Randy at Gildersound Recorders in Forest Lake, MN for helping bring this project to fruition."

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